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  • Cost:  $499,900
    • House size:1019
    • Lot size:01
  • Cost:  $875,000
    • House size:2160
    • Lot size:51
  • Cost:  $414,900
    • House size:1800
    • Lot size:08
  • Cost:  $995,000
    • House size:7156
    • Lot size:57 acre



Utah is the most amazing state, with an incredible landscape and really friendly people. What a great place to live! You'll feel right at home surrounded by beautifully majestic mountains just filled with world class ski resorts. How about a round of golf, boating hiking, fishing, mountain biking, snow mobiling, hot air ballooning...... need I go on? Oh yes, we can't forget Utah's amazing red rock country. You'll be so busy playing, you'll have to schedule time to work!

If you're a city person at heart, don't worry, we have more than our fair share of culture. Heard of the Sundance Festival? How about our amazing summer Shakespearean theatre? Museums, gallery walks, concerts under the stars (from rock & roll, to the Utah Symphony) the fabulous Park City Arts festival, & sooooo much more. Really, Utah a very well rounded state indeed.